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Rival Conference Expand-Tables
Extendable Conference Tables
If you need to accomodate more people than our 12 foot length laminate conference tables allow, our extension inserts are a great option. Add 4 foot inserts to 10' table or 12' conference tables to create any table length. An attractive and inexpensive solution to your conference table needs.
  Wood Construction with laminate finish
  Basic concept at fantastic value
  Enduring quality and beauty
  Choice of 4 laminate finishes
  3 mil PVC Tough Edge on all exposed edges
  Adjusting Leveling Glides
Conference Expand Tables
EXPAND-144 12' x 4' Racetrack Table
EXPAND-68 14' x 4' Racetrack Table
EXPAND-192 16' x 4' Racetrack Table
EXPAND-216 18' x 4' Racetrack Table
EXPAND-240 20' x 4' Racetrack Table
Also available In:
Delivery & Installation available
1 data port 1 telephone jack, 1 USB port, 1 HDMI port and 2 power outlets.
Power Module - Black or Silver PL_TPOWER
Power Modules