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Electric Adjustable Height Tables
Height adjustable tables are ideal for a variety of environments from multi-user applications to single user offices. Our electronic programmable memory control makes it easy to adjust table height helping to reduce muscle strain and body fatigue ultimately promoting a healthier and more productive working environment
Deluxe Electric Height Adjustable Table
  Basic Remote
  Height ranges with top 26" to 51 "
 Weight rating 300 lbs
  3 Stage Legs, 2 Motors
Adjust Height Tables with Top & Bases
ADJ2448 24' x48' Top and Base
ADJ2460 24' x60' Top and Base
ADJ2472 24' x72' Top and Base
ADJ3048 30' x48' Top and Base
ADJ3060 24' x60' Top and Base
ADJ3066 30' x66' Top and Base
ADJ3072 30' x72' Top and Base
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Bases available In:
Delivery & Installation available